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Apply for Candleworks Dealership


1. Who is eligible for Candleworks Dealership?
-  Registered business companies outside of Korea which wants to sell Candleworks Products in their countries.
- Domestic companies and oversea individuals can not apply for Candleworks Dealership.
- Initial transaction purchase amount – USD 20,000 or more
* Former purchase amount or accumulated total purchase amount are not accounted.

2. How can I apply for Candleworks Dealership?
① Please sign up as a regular member first by joining a member on the upper right of the website.
② Please prepare the following documents and send an e-mail.
    1) Dealer Member Application (See attachment below.)
    2) A copy of business license
    3) Signed Form of Hazardous/Flammable Products to Oversea Shipment. (See attachment below.)
    4) Any documents or photos to show and explain your business.
      Please e-mail to service@candleworks.com

 ③ Our sales representative will review the documents and reply within 7 business days.

3. Candleworks Dealership Agreement

- VAT is not included. Export registration must be completed for VAT to be exempted.
- All prices are EXW terms and conditions. (Not including customs clearance fees, domestic and overseas transportation fees, and export report fees)
- Dealer members are required to select a professional forwarding company to handle air/sea transport. Candleworks is not involved in transportation.
- Minimum units may vary depending on the products and some products are not subject to dealership prices.

4. Suspension of Dealership

- Average monthly purchase amount in the last six month goes 5,000USD / and 60,000 per year.
- Sharing a Dealer Member ID with another person is not allowed.
- In case of impeding cooperative relationship; such as damage to the image of Candleworks Products, low retail prices and so on


- Candleworks provides only standard photographics of Candleworks Product. Candleworks Dealers cannot use any photographics else that are not provided, and they cannot motify the standard photographs.
- Candleworks do not grant to its dealers the right to use Candleworks trademarks and logo.
- Candleworks will post its dealer information on Candleworks website for oversea customers.
- Dealers may not sell Candleworks Products at a lower price that the retail prices set by Candleworks.
- Candleworks will not allow any returns or exchanges of products once they have been transported across borders. It is recommended that the products be inspected by a forwarding company before shipping by sea/air.
- For shipping purposes, some of Candleworks Products are classified as hazardous materials due to their flammability rating. (Fragrance oils, Essential oils, Bases, and so on) Dealers must be aware that the responsibility and liability for shipping those goods overseas rests entirely upon themselves. We ship the products to a freight forwarder who is certified to repackage and ship them according to the regulations required to get them overseas.
- Candleworks do not handle the shipping. Our shipping term is EXW. All costs associtated with the shipment and repacakging of goods is the sole responsibility of the dealers.
- All dealership prices do not include VAT.
평일 10:00~18:00
점심시간 12:00~13:00
주말, 공휴일 휴무
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